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Fairy Riding Unicorn 3D Bookmark by Lisa Parker - Under A Rainbow

Fairy Riding Unicorn 3D Bookmark by Lisa Parker

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This unusual 3D bookmark is designed by the popular artist Lisa Parker, illustrating dark, gothic and black colours with a beautiful fairy riding a black rearing unicorn.

This charming fairy is wearing a long blue dress and holding a long staff in her hand with the moon shining in the night sky.

This fantastic 3D effect bookmark is made with layers of images topped with a clear lens coating that create the impression of depth in the picture.

Bookmarks were used throughout the medieval period, consisting usually of a small parchment strip attached to the edge of folio.

As the first printed books were quite rare and valuable, it was determined early on that something was needed to mark one's place in a book without causing its pages any harm.

Some of the earliest bookmarks were used at the end of the sixteenth century, and Queen Elizabeth I of England was one of the first to own one.

This Lisa Parker bookmark is 15cm long and 5cm wide and comes with black tassels.